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Growing up in Canada, Jackie was interested in animals and nature at a young age. But it wasn't until a fateful trip to Thailand in grad school that her true calling and passion for people, primates, and conservation began to flourish. Armed with some research equipment, a video camera, and a solid pair of hiking boots, Jackie left Canada knowing only one thing for sure: living alone on the other side of the world would not be a 'walk in the park'. Relying on the kindness of strangers, she needed to learn the local language and make friends fast in order to survive life in the jungle. It was a task that put her mental ingenuity and strength to the ultimate test - leading her to discover a lot about the endangered animals she studies, but even more about the intrinsic value of life on earth and what it means to be human.
Now with over a decade of experience in teaching and primate research, Jackie is one of the few dedicated gibbon specialists in the world and founder of Prime Earth, sharing her story, knowledge, and love for all of life on earth to empower others and help create a more compassionate world.


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